Mushroom Powder DXN Reishi Gano RG 100% Ganoderma

Mushroom Powder DXN Reishi Gano RG 100% Ganoderma

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Product Description

  • Removes Toxins from the entire Body: Prevents Chronic diseases (eg. Diabetes, BP)
  • Prevents ‘Blocks & Clots’ in the Blood vessels: Prevents Heart Attacks & Stroke.
  • Controls Cholesterol: Reduces ‘Obesity’: Prevents ‘Heart Problems’.
  • Saves & supports ‘Terminal’ patients: eg. Cancer, Kidney, HIV, Coma
  • Improves Blood circulation all over the body: Reduces ‘Body Pains’ : Improves Energy.
  • Excellent ‘Anti-Oxidant’: Maintains Vigour: Delays Ageing. Helps in Cancer
  • Reduces problems of Gynaec & Obs.; Menstrual / Menopausal problems.
  • Enhances Hair-growth: Avoids early ‘Balding & Greying’.
  • Improves Fertility for Men as well as Women.
  • Stress Reduction (Mental Health): Calms the Mind and makes it Peaceful.
  • Enables Good Quality Sleep: Opens a Bright and Energetic morning, the next day.

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