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Baby Care

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Baby Chubby Oil dxn

S.R 21

Benefits of DXN Baby Chubby OilEmulsifies fatMoisturizes upper layers of the skin. Maintains skin textureEnergizes deeper layers of the skinPromotes Smooth and Tender skinActs as an anti septicNon Sti..

Dxn Ganozhi,Shampoo With Ganoderma & Vitamin B5

S.R 29

Shampoo With Ganoderma & Vitamin B5250 ml per bottle.DXN Ganozhi Shampoo with pH balance is suitable for all hair types.A special invigorating shampoo that contains Ganoderma extract and vitamin B..

DXN Spirulina Cereal Tablets protein and vitamin

S.R 102

DXN Spirulina Cereal is a Weight-loss health food that tastes goodRemoves Toxins from the entire Body. Strengthens Natural Immune SystemPrevents and Protects from Viral Infections.Cuts Bad-Cholesterol..

DXN Talcum Powder 250 gm

S.R 25

DXN Talcum Powder gives you a smooth and comfortable feeling all day long. It is also luxuriously scented to give you a pleasant smell and confidence wherever you areIt is also luxuriously scented to ..

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