Skin Care

Skin Care

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Aloe V Aqua Gel 50ml natural and Organic

S.R 43

Special moisturizer that quickly absorbs, hydrates and moisturizes the skin, and contains a blend of Aloe Vera extractLeaves skin clean, refreshed and softFrom DXN..

DXN Aloe V Cleansing Gel,With Aloe Vera Extract

S.R 22

DXN Aloe.V Cleansing Gel A soap free cleansing gel contains Aloe Vera extract.Gently cleanses and clear your skin and pores without stripping off its natural oiland maintain its moisture content.Fo..

DXN Aloe V,Hand & Body Lotion,250ml

S.R 22

DXN ALOE V HAND & BODY LOTION An easy-to-apply non-greasy  milky lotion. quickly absorbed hand and body lotion.  It is specially formulated using Aloe Vera and Vitamin A  It also gi..

DXN Aloe V,Hydrating Toner

S.R 22

DXN Aloe.V Hydrating Toner A refreshing hydrating formula that contains extracts of Aloe Vera  witch hazel, and amino acids.  Double cleansing while tightening skin pores.  A non-drying..

DXN Aloe.V Nutricare Cream

S.R 30

DXN Aloe.V Nutricare Cream A rich night cream with a special blend of Aloe Vera and botanical extracts  which acts as a protective film to restore skin moisture loss while sleeping. &n..

Dxn Gano Massage Oil with Ganoderma

S.R 38

To ensure authenticity, DXN products should be purchased from authorized independent distributors only. The seller, Soycandler has been an authorized independent distributor for DXN products since 201..

DXN Ganozhi Liquid Cleanser,with Ganoderma Extract

S.R 106

Ganozhi Liquid Cleanser 150 mlA gentle yet effective cleanser for a swift cleansing actionIt cleanses your skin deep into the pores, leaving your skin clean and refreshedIt is formulated with precious..

DXN Ganozhi Moisturising Micro Emulsion with Ganoderma Extract

S.R 116

An improved moisturizer designed to hydrate and nourish your skinDesigned with nano-sized molecules, it penetrates into your skin faster and effectivelyGanozhi™ Moisturizing Micro Emulsion 50 mlA reno..

DXN Ganozhi Skin Toner,150ml,Formulated with Ganoderma Extract

S.R 106

Ganozhi Toner 150 mlAn effective toner formulated to minimize skin pores while leaving your skin soft and hydratedFagus sylvatica extract, allantoin and propolis cera, the Ganozhi™ Tonerprepares your ..

DXN Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

S.R 60

DXN Gano Organic Coconut OilStrengthen Immune SystemImprove Overall HealthGives Glowing Skin..

Dxn papaya facial scrub,smoothing & whitening 120ml

S.R 31

Papaya granules helps to reduce wrinkles.Brightens and deep cleanses the skin.Helps in treating acne and pimples.Helps in reducing appearance of brown spots on skin.Helps in removing excess oil from f..

DXN Talcum Powder 250 gm

S.R 25

DXN Talcum Powder gives you a smooth and comfortable feeling all day long. It is also luxuriously scented to give you a pleasant smell and confidence wherever you areIt is also luxuriously scented to ..

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