Lingzhi Black Coffee With Ganoderma Mushroom Extract 2 in 1,DXN

Lingzhi Black Coffee With Ganoderma Mushroom Extract 2 in 1,DXN

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Lingzhi Black Coffee With Ganoderma Mushroom Extract 2 in 1,DXN

(Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer, Instant Coffee, Ganoderma Extract)Total Weight - 500gm ( 25 Packs x 20gm) Dxn Lingzhi Coffee 3-In-1 is specially blended with coffee beans of the finest quality and Ganoderma extract with no artificial colouring and preservatives. Working pressure and hectic lifestyle nowadays make people feel stressful easily. Lingzhi Coffee 3-In-1 is sure to be your everyday coffee break . You can enjoy the pure coffee at the mean time absorb the good effects ganoderma could bring to your health. The convenient pack of DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1 enables you to enjoy the unique flavour at any time and any place you like.Its Nutrition Facts Per 20g:Calcium 34.28mgIron 0.80mgPotassium 137.00mgPhosphorus 56.32mgSodium 17.04mgCalories 91.00kilocalorieCholesterol 0.00mgFats 2.86gmCarbohydrate 15.22mgVitamin C 00.00mgVitamin B3 13.68mgSugar - 9.36gmDXN Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1 is good for everyone. 

Healthy Coffee with GanodermaBoost your immune system,healthy weight loss, called the King of Herbs, Ganoderma Lucidum. Infused into the finest Gourmet Coffee in the world! Business minded people position yourself in front of this massive trend now! The Healthy Coffee system benefits :

Health Benefits........... Ganoderma May Help Reduce CholesterolCardiovascular disease has been called an epidemic of sorts in North America and Europe. Not surprising when you consider a typical North American lifestyle of not enough physical activity, diet high in saturated fats, and fast paced living driving up stress levels.Even though the National Center for Health Statistics reported Americans average total cholesterol has dropped substantially from 1978 - 1990, the American Heart Association has reported  98.1 million adult Americans still have borderline high blood cholesterol levels and this puts them at greater risk of developing Cardiovascular disease.Elevated cholesterol levels are one of the major risk factors identified by the American Heart Association in the development of Cardiovascular disease which is the number one killer in North America and Europe. We need to reduce cholesterol levels.

What is healthy coffee ?
Healthy Coffee is a system that, while you promote the healthier coffee to everyone that you know (and love), you have a means of building your own coffee business with no limits but your own.
How does the Healthy Coffee system work ? 
Everyone has, at least a couple of times in their lifetime, referred a good movie, CD or restaurant to their friends and family. Probably, based on your relationship with those people, they went to see the movie or eat at the referred restaurant. "When was the last time the movie theater or the restaurant send you a check for the referrals you sent to them and made them money"?Likely NEVER! The Healthy Coffee system is no different! But there is a big difference, now you position yourself to get paid every time you refer someone you know (or don't know) to either try the coffee out or partners up with your coffee business. It is that simple!Unlock the secrets of the healthy coffee system here
 Healthy Coffee what is  it ?
This Healthy Coffee is made out of: 

  • high quality Arabica Beans (less caffeine) 
  • Ganoderma Lucidium (or reishi),organic
  • Souq DXN ,Saudi Arabia ,Riyad,Jeddah , Makka,Egypt

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